That’s a Wrap!


Happy October! Last week was pretty great with all of the fall shows returning, and now we have an entire season to enjoy weekly episodes. I’ve had the biggest sweet tooth this week, and I enjoyed one too many desserts, some of which came from the same bakery as these gorgeous cakes. This weekend I’m really looking forward to connecting with close friends, seeing Gone Girl, and relaxing a bit. For now, though, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* Do you know what’s really in your tea? This is so unsettling.

* Rosamund Pike on the role of a lifetime. Can’t wait to see Gone Girl!

* Love this black and white kitchen! More black and white kitchens here.

* 21 things that influenced Gillian Flynn’s work.

* Comedians in cars getting coffee.

* TV ratings from last week’s premieres.

* Good to know! The best airport food in the world.

* My friend recently did a Breaking Bad tour and went to the show’s locations. I’m inspired.

Have a fun weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}


4 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap!

  1. I saw Gone Girl just last night and, as a massive fan of the book, was apprehensive about how Fincher had adapted it for screen. But it was an incredibly faithful adaptation, and he captured the disturbing tone of the novel very well. There were also many gasps and shocked voices in the screen as certain plot events take place, so my guess would be that it wasn’t predictable for those who haven’t read the novel!!

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