Around Town: Boba Guys – San Francisco

boba guys

I can’t get enough bubble tea. While I used to only like bubble tea shakes, once I tried the milk tea, it became a weekly must-have. During my visit to San Francisco, I knew I needed to find a boba fix fast. Enter: Boba Guys. I love their logo and what they’re all about, so it was obvious I needed to try their bubble tea. They do loose leaf brews (I tried the oolong) and have flavors that are more unique than other boba places. Their tapioca is sweeter than I prefer (not much of a sugar girl when it comes to bubble tea), but it tasted fresh and will be a treat for tea lovers. The tapioca can be pretty filling, so one of these drinks is a perfect post-breakfast/brunch treat or mid-afternoon snack.

Mission Store: 3491 19th St, San Francisco CA
Union Square Store: 429 Stockton St., San Francisco CA






{Photos by Lauren}


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