Film History: Movie Theater Etiquette

silent 1

These movie theater etiquette lantern slides from 1912 are fantastic. All the same rules apply today, with the addition of no talking or texting on cell phones. Also, you’re unlikely to see someone wearing a large hat at the movie theater, but doesn’t that make you just a bit sad that dressing up for a night on the town to see a ‘picture’ no longer exists?

These slides were shown during what are now previews, trailers for upcoming movies, and trivia quizzes. They were also sometimes used during intermission. Multiple films used to be shown at one time since they were much shorter than movies are now. To read more about these cool pieces of film history, here are two great articles: Etiquette Lessons for the Annoying Moviegoers of Early Cinema and Lantern Slides That Advertised Coming Attractions in the Silent Film Era.

silent 2

silent 3

silent 4

Images via SlateBack Story Radio


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