Around Town: Claudette, New York City


For one of the most charming restaurant interiors, visit Claudette in New York City. It was a frigid day with blue skies and snow on the ground when I came here for lunch, but one step inside this restaurant made me feel like I was somewhere warm. With tables in an area that feels more like a living room than a dining room, the vibe is low-key for a city that never stops hustling.

The Strawberry Thyme Homemade Soda was a great choice (it won out over the Mint Lemonade, which I’ll have to try next time), and it tasted as though I was drinking a garden. The thyme was strong, so if you’re not a thyme lover, opt for the Mint Lemonade (or one of the many cocktails they offer). Lunch consisted of the Root Vegetable Salad, Le Pain Tunisien (warm garlic flat bread with Truffle Hummus – it was as good as it sounds), and the Lamb Burger. For a calm and delicious meal, this is a beautiful place to spend the afternoon.

Claudette: 24 Fifth Avenue, New York City (W 9th St. and 5th Ave.)








{Photos by Lauren}

11 thoughts on “Around Town: Claudette, New York City

  1. I honestly wish I lived in New York so I could explore the fantastic food culture. At least I have your blog to make me feel as though I can experience it for myself. Great blog!!

  2. oh my! God i love your blog about food and the same time movies because those two are my favorites! of all and so i was looking all your post and i saw this and what a coincident that restaurant is my name, and i just find it funny. Anyways i really like your blog!

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