What I Watched: May 2015

What I Watched May

This month’s movies involved more throwback films to the early 90’s, which is always interesting to see style-wise (on-screen and in the way the movies are made). I gravitated more toward Netflix to find movies to watch (versus iTunes or HBO). I really like the new Netflix format – I’ve found so many more great movies to add to My List. What movies did you watch this month?

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10 thoughts on “What I Watched: May 2015

  1. Actually Save the date keeps popping up in my feed i might give it a watch. Want to watch Still Alice but it does look depressing so I know what you mean about having to prepare for it 🙂 Love Splash! thats great film!

  2. I looooooooooooooove Splash! It’s a cute movie (and Tom Hanks is cute too, what happened?). I would watch it ever on FOX before school started when I was a kid.\

    I rewatched “Bend It Like Beckham” this month. Still a good movie .

    • Interesting! How did you find it to be immature? The plot wasn’t as intricate or thrilling as I was hoping for. I was surprised when I found out it was a John Grisham story.

      • I’d read a lot of Griaham’s work so when i started reading this one, i had some expecctations. Now, i haven’t seen tge movie, maybe they tweaked the story a bit. To have a such a bright law student who has a great lawyer for a dad be blackmailed just seems far fetched, that’s all.

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