Film Icon: Doris Day

Doris Day dancing | Doris knitting | Doris posing pretty | Doris blowing bubbles | Pretty in Pink

I have been a big fan of Doris Day ever since I was a little girl and first saw the film, Pillow Talk. Doris Day represents the girl-next-door, and always brings a lightheartedness and charm to the screen. Born in 1924 in Ohio, Doris had always been involved in the arts, whether it was through dance, music, or acting. Doris was initially a singer, which led to a career as an actress later in life. She does a stellar job with her roles in romantic comedy movies, and she always lights up the screen with her grace. As if there is even more reason to adore her, Doris is also an animal lover and advocate. In the late 1970’s, she started a foundation called the Doris Day Animal League which merged with the Humane Society in 2006. While Doris is no longer active in the film industry, she spends her time helping animals across the country.

1. Calamity Jane (1953) and Cowboy Boot Cookies | 2. Pillow Talk (1959) and Rum and Raisin Pillows| 3. Send Me No Flowers (1964) and Vanilla Mascarpone with Edible Flowers| 4. Lover Come Back (1961) and Chocolate and Peppermint Patties | 5. The Doris Day Show (1968-1973) and Sweet Corn Ice Cream


Film Icon: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn on her side, Audrey overlooking city, Audrey with balloons, glam Audrey, Audrey riding a bicycle

[Welcome to the new column: Film Icon! Film Icon will feature movie stars who have left their fingerprints on film history, and will be accompanied by food inspired by the icons and their films. I am always interested in learning more about figures from the past, as well as finding new recipes to try. This column will be a combination of both. I hope you enjoy! – Lauren]

Audrey Hepburn was a true inspiration, both on and off the silver screen. To this day, Audrey remains not only a film icon, but a fashion icon, as well. Audrey was born in Brussels in 1929, and spent a good amount of her childhood between England and the Netherlands. Audrey studied ballet and did some modeling during her youth.

When Roman Holiday came along in 1953, Audrey shot to stardom when she gained popularity and won the Academy Award for Best Actress. Audrey decided to leave acting after a failed marriage with Mel Ferrer, with whom she had a son named Sean. She eventually went on to marry Dr. Andrea Dotti but this relationship did not work out either, though she gave birth to son Luca during their time together.

After a successful career in film, several miscarriages, and relationship ups-and-downs, Audrey committed her time to UNICEF as a special ambassador. Audrey spent the last years of her life with her partner Robert Wolders. In January 1993, Audrey died of cancer. Audrey will always be remembered for her contribution to film, her fashion sense, and her charitable actions. She is definitely an inspiration to many, and her movies are classics. To learn more about the details of Audrey’s life, this is a great read.

1. Spaghetti | 2. Breakfast Sandwich | 3. Earl Grey Tea and Grapefruit Cookies | 4. Pandan Kaya Souffle | 5. Marble Cake