Eat & Watch: Eggs and Bacon & Love Story

Love Story 5

A few months ago, I finally watched the classic Love StoryI absolutely loved it and I adore Jenny, Ali MacGraw’s character. Jenny and Oliver together are an unstoppable couple, and their romance felt genuine and light. It is one of the best romantic movies I’ve seen. There are a couple of eating scenes in the movie, but this one stuck out to me because of how simple it is: eggs and bacon. There’s not even anything else on the plate. Plain, simple, and delicious. The recipe for this Eat & Watch? Simple: scramble two eggs and add salt and pepper; cook bacon. Voila! The next time you are having a lazy Sunday morning, cook up some eggs and bacon and fall in love all over again with Love Story.

Love Story 2



Love Story 3

{Photo via Paramount Pictures; food photos by Lauren}


Recipe For: The Tony Awards

Recipe for Tony Awards Night

The Tony Awards are on Sunday, which means it’s time to get the snacks, champagne, and ballots ready! The Tony Awards are always highly entertaining to watch, and year after year I am blown away by the amazing talent onstage. Whether you’re putting together a full-blown party, a small get together, or watching solo, make a night of it and have fun!

{Infographic by Lauren}