That’s a Wrap!

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I know this week was lacking in content, but I swear I have a good excuse. That was my week, so now you know why it was tricky to find time to put up posts. But next week I will be back full force, so get ready. The only show I’ve been keeping up with lately is 24, but I have loved having Jack Bauer back in my life. Who’s with me? Chocolate chip cookies have also been a big thing this week. I must have subconsciously craved them ever since this post. Actually makes sense. Anyways, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* These Louboutins reminded me of dot candy [photo above].

* Netflix unveils a new look.

* Great food books for summer.

* Blunders from family friendly movies. These are always entertaining to catch.

* This comedy actress roundtable is so much fun to watch.

* Mindy Kaling’s upcoming book has a title, and it’s awesome.

* 10 movies every entrepreneur needs to watch. Add these to the list!

* An article all about sourdough bread. Warning: reading this will make you hungry.

* I want to go to there.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are one of my all time favorite desserts. I prefer them to be soft and gooey, accompanied with a tall glass of cold milk. If you set a plate full of chocolate chip cookies in front of me, I mindlessly eat them until they are gone. During my 24 marathon, I made these cookies to enjoy (just another word for stress eating). Based on my previous sentence, you should already know this was a dangerous move – I devoured every last cookie. They were that good.

My cookie tips:
• I like to take cookies/cakes out of the oven a couple of minutes earlier than I set the timer because there is heat trapped in the cookie and it will continue to bake after you take it out
• Make sure the ingredients are at room temperature – it is frustrating trying to mix unsoftened butter
• Use good chocolate chips – I love the semi-sweet ones
• Crack the eggs in a different bowl – picking out egg shells with cake-batter-covered hands is just as frustrating as trying to mix unsoftened butter
• Make the cookie dough balls even so that they bake evenly and at the same time – you don’t want a small burned cookie and a large raw cookie

The 24 Things 24 Has Taught Me

If you don’t know from personal experience, take it from me that 24 is one of the most addicting shows you will ever watch. Rewind: Years ago I watched a couple of seasons, but had to tear myself away before it took over my life. Fast forward to now: With a couple of days left in summer, I wanted to take advantage of not having school work and start a 24 marathon.

Of course, this is always a good idea until the panic attacks and anxiety sets in, and then I’m frantically scrambling to watch every last episode so I don’t leave the house constantly looking over my shoulder and wondering what will happen to Jack Bauer. This show will do that to you. Anyways, I’m going to make this short so I can get back to Jack. Having started his crazy day at 8am, it is now currently 8pm, and he hasn’t had any food or water or taken a nap – keep in mind, he’s saved countless lives, been shot at by dozens, avoided a couple of terrorist attacks here and there, and has been nagged at by authority leaders who don’t agree with his style of getting crucial information.  This guy may be a (fictional) hero saving his country, but let’s be real, his diet and health habits need a hero of their own. You can’t save a country running on empty…okay well maybe Jack can.

These are the 24 things 24 has taught me so far:

1. You can get a lot done in an hour – don’t waste a second of it
2. Don’t trust anyone
3. Don’t believe everything you hear
4. (but sometimes) Believe the unbelievable
5. Time heals all wounds
6. Don’t open the door for strangers
7. Don’t be so stubborn
8. Take risks
9. Don’t let anyone get the best of you
10. Sticks and stones…
11. Never give up
12. Jack Bauer is his own brand of awesome
13. Stand up to people when you think something is right
14. Make sure to tell someone where you are going for safety
15. Listen to your sister
16. Make the hard choice
17. Don’t ignore good advice
18. Support your family and friends
19. Have a plan A, B, C…and D
20. Why do tomorrow what you can do today
21. I need to sign up for a self-defense class
22. Bad guys really are pure evil
23. What goes around comes around
24. Everything will work out in the end

• • •

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