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True Talent: Guest Starring Ashley Rodriguez

Ashley Rodriguez of

Who are your favorite chefs/bakers?
My favorite and my mentor in the beginning of my career, Sherry Yard. Dorie Greenspan and Alice Medrich are also favorites of mine.

What is your favorite meal or dessert you’ve ever made?
This is tough. I go through seasons of favorites but the one thing I make that I crave most often are my chocolate chip cookies. You can never go wrong with those. 

If you could have a guest of honor (from any time in history) over for dinner, who would it be and what would you serve?
I’m going to take the liberty and say guest(s) of honor. In my current dream I host a dinner party with all my online friends whom I’ve yet to meet in person. Tara (@sevenspoons), Tracy (@shutterbean), Sara (@sproutedkitchen), Kasey (@klfeisher), and so many others. We would all cook a feast together and it would last well into the night. What a glorious feast that would be.

Best baking/cooking tip?
Use good chocolate.

What is the best piece of advice you would give a baking/cooking enthusiast?
Don’t get discouraged. Even those of us who have been cooking and baking for years make mistakes. Sometimes it is those mistakes that create a new dish. Move on and try again.

What is your favorite movie snack /meal and why?
Popcorn. It’s easy, somewhat healthy and coated in butter and salt – two of my favorite things.

What is your favorite movie and why?
Babette’s Feast. It’s all about food. 🙂

{Photos by Ashley}
{top left, top right, lower left, lower right}

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Thank you so much, Ashley! Your blog is inspiring, your photographs are stunning, and your recipes are mouth-watering!