Eat & Watch: Homemade Baby Ruth Candy Bars & The Goonies


If you’re not feeling trick-or-treating or going out to any Halloween parties this year, spend the night at home watching classic Halloween movies (or horror films, if you’re into that) and making homemade candy. Since Halloween falls on a Saturday, your entire day can be filled with spooky festivities or spending time by the stove stirring caramel and layering sugary sauces to indulge in that evening – I prefer the latter.

I’ve always wanted to try making homemade candy. After watching the 1985 adventure comedy film, The Goonies, I figured this was the perfect time to give homemade candy a go. The Baby Ruth candy bar makes an appearance in one of the scenes that involves Chunk, one of the young boys in the group of friends. The Goonies is about a group of young friends who find a treasure map and attempt to find the treasure where “X” marks spot. A group of criminals, the Fratellis, is also after the pirate treasure, creating a challenge for the group of friends along the way.

BR 1

BR 3

The scene that involves the Baby Ruth candy bar is when Chunk is captured by the Fratellis and tied up to a chair in the basement next to Sloth, the deformed brother of the Fratelli sons. Chunk befriends Sloth by offering him a Baby Ruth, and together they break free and escape the basement. Though there is a variety of food in the movie (mainly because Chunk likes to eat), the Baby Ruth stands out because it is how Chunk and Sloth become friends, which ultimately saves their lives.

BR 2

In my attempt to make a homemade Baby Ruth, I set aside a good three to four hours. Candy takes time to make, so start it when you have plenty of time to do things right. Many recipes will say to use a candy thermometer, but I share David Lebovitz’s belief that “there’s nothing like your senses to tell you when food is prepared to your liking.” When the caramel becomes the color of an old copper penny you’ll know it’s ready. The mixture will get frothy and thick, so when you see those things you’ll know you’re doing something right.



Baby Ruths consist of nougat, caramel, peanuts, and chocolate – this is my take on the beloved candy bar:

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Recipe For: The Tony Awards

Recipe for Tony Awards Night

The Tony Awards are on Sunday, which means it’s time to get the snacks, champagne, and ballots ready! The Tony Awards are always highly entertaining to watch, and year after year I am blown away by the amazing talent onstage. Whether you’re putting together a full-blown party, a small get together, or watching solo, make a night of it and have fun!

{Infographic by Lauren}

Flavor of the Month: Butterscotch

butterscotch fom

1. Cookie Butter Butterscotch Fudge |2.  Boozy Banana Butterscotch Ice Cream | 3. Butterscotch Eclairs |4. White Butterscotch Buddies | 5. Butterscotch Sundaes with Caramel Popcorn

Made primarily of butter and brown sugar, Butterscotch can be used for a variety of treats. The butterscotch eclairs with a plaid design are super creative and would be fantastic as a party snack. Similar to toffee with a honey color, butterscotch can be devoured as a syrup or a hard candy. October is the perfect time to whip up some butterscotch desserts and candies since it’s the designated candy month (okay, maybe that’s every month). But, you won’t go wrong with making butterscotch goodies for trick-or-treaters this coming Halloween.  Make your autumn even more special with this sweet flavor, and since it’s  simple to make as a syrup, you can pair it with pretty much anything. Nothing wrong with a little butterscotch on butterscotch!

That’s a Wrap!

Hen Teapot

This is a great weekend for movies. There are already 4 that I want to see (including Lovelace and We’re the Millers), but since movie tickets quickly add up, I’m trying to determine which movies I must see in theaters, and which ones I can save for DVD. It’s only August, but now that we know that Ellen DeGeneres is hosting the Oscars, the countdown to February 24 begins. Until then, though, let’s wrap-up the week with a recap…

* Absolutely making time to see Blackfish. It is horrific that killer whales (and dolphins) are still kept in captivity for entertainment purposes. Here is a listing of where the movie will be released – I encourage you to check it out.

* Love this version of Blurred Lines.

* Ellen DeGeneres is hosting the Academy Awards this year, but what can actually save the Oscars?

* Unseen auditions for The Office.

* Love this random teapot I found antique shopping [photo above]. It’ll be perfect for juice and tea during Sunday brunches.

* 25 Memorable Coming-of-Age Romances.

* This Argentinean Candy Jar is insanely expensive, but how awesome (and dangerously tempting) would it be on your desk or kitchen counter?

* Breaking Bad returns in 3 days, and I’m gearing up for the premiere by watching the first half of Season 5 on Netflix.

* A lost Orson Welles film has been discovered and will make its public debut. How cool!

Have a terrific weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}

That’s a Wrap!

Japanese Candy and Vogue -1

I am officially back from my brief hiatus, and it feels great! I have missed blogging. This has been a busy week with work and errands, but the weekend promises a little bit of relaxation and fun. There are some great movies coming out that I will need to make time to see, including The Bling Ring, The Internship, and Now You See Me, just to name a few. I’m also looking forward to a nice Sunday celebrating Father’s Day! How will you be celebrating? For now, though, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* Japanese candy and Vogue for a jet lagged afternoon [photo above]. More photos from Japan coming next week!

* Helena Bonham Carter looking fabulous as Elizabeth Taylor.

* Last Thursday (June 6) was the 15th anniversary of the premiere of Sex and the City.

* Adorable mini-meals for cocktail hour.

* 42 of the greatest quotes from Arrested Development.

* Fun conversation starters for friends, provided by Mindy Kaling.

* This Kickstarter for a documentary about New Yorker cartoonists looks awesome.

Have a fantastic weekend and Happy Father’s Day!

{Photo by Lauren}

International Pick of the Month: Pastellfisk from Sweden

International Pick of the Month is a new column that I am really excited about. I not only love food and film, but I also love traveling. I love discovering delicious treats and meals from around the world. Each culture has unique foods and flavors that can sometimes be viewed as strange and foreign, but they are usually delicious. I am looking forward to exploring new  places and finding interesting foods that will inspire.

When I visited Sweden a couple of weeks ago, I was determined to find, what is known to us in America, Swedish fish. No one understood me when I asked, so instead I just looked for a confectionery that had loads of gummies and candies. Luckily I found exactly what I was looking for. In Sweden, Swedish fish are called pastellfisk. The fish gummies are a pastel color, instead of the U.S.’s deep red color. I found the pastellfisk to be so much better than Swedish fish because they were chewier and more flavorful. The different colored pastel gummies each had their own unique flavor. Some other delicious Swedish candies include: Sour Colanappar (sour coca cola gummies), Monkey Time Zoo (red chewy monkeys), and Spongy Sockerbit (chewy marshmallows).

{photos by a lauren / dash of cinema}

Around Town: Happy Pills in Barcelona, Spain

Candy is one of my greatest guilty pleasures. I love all kinds of candy, whether it is chocolate, licorice, sour gummies, lollipops, or jellybeans. The only candy I am not a fan of is the kind with jelly in the middle. The United States offers a wide variety of options, a few of my favorites including Dylan’s Candy Bar and the Sweet Factory. Because candy is so accessible (grocery stores, movie theaters, etc), there just aren’t enough candy stores in the world. Another place in the world, besides the U.S., where candy stores do still exist is Spain. When walking around Barcelona a while back, I stumbled upon a candy store called Happy Pills.

Happy Pills is a small, bright store with a wall full of candy. They had everything I could possibly think of. The best part about the store is that the customers get to put together their own “prescriptions.” For example, I chose a medium-sized pill bottle, filled it with lip-shaped gummies and sour gummy worms, and chose a unique sticker with a short description (in spanish). The store seals the bottle for you, and when it comes time for indulging in your candy (for me it was as soon as I took one step out of the store), you get to eat the “medicine” (candy) that makes you happy. And sure enough, it did.

These little candy jars/prescriptions make great gifts because they’re a perfect souvenir, and who doesn’t want candy from Spain? Also, the concept is unique and hilarious. Check Happy Pills out online – you can order it, but keep in mind that the prices are in Euros.

· · ·

Setting: Small shop with a wall full of candy, convenient for a quick candy stop

Good for: Presents for friends and family, a treat for yourself, tasty walking snack while sightseeing

What to choose: Lip gummies, octopus gummies, chocolates, coke bottle gummies

Downsides: Pricey, sometimes there can be a lot of people in the store at once which makes it difficult to move around the small space

If you like this, you might like: The Bigg Chill

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Friday’s Features

The Vow trailer. I know this movie doesn’t come out until February, but I saw it in the previews in theaters and couldn’t get over it.

We are already half-way through fall. I haven’t had the chance to bust out any scarves, coats, or boots, but the absence of cold weather hasn’t stopped me from cozying up and watching my shows and movies. This weekend includes a trip to the beach, great food, great people, and a lot of reminiscing. Have a really great weekend! For the time being, these are the things I have been watching + craving.

♥ Bubble gum cigars. I remember eating these as a kid. They are so much more fun than regular stick gum. You can order them here.

♥ The minimalist’s way to celebrate a birthday. Chocolate cake truffles.

♥ Audrey Hepburn’s test screen shots for Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

♥ Plastic popcorn bucket. I used this in my A Dash of Cinema picture (seen on my homepage). You can get them here. In addition to popcorn, this bucket is great for holding magazines and flowers.


Happy Halloween!

Tonight’s the night when people of all ages (no judgment, I might be one of them) go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood in costumes. It is the night to gather with friends and bob for apples, eat pumpkin pie, and carve pumpkins, if you haven’t already. Although it is a school and work night, don’t let that stop you from staying up late with the ghosts and Frankensteins stocking up on your year’s worth of candy, although realistically your candy may only last a couple of days.

I am a die-hard fan for Halloween candies such as Twix, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Snickers. I also enjoy when neighbors sneak caramel apple lollipops into the mix. If you don’t end up going trick-or-treating, be sure to at least enjoy one piece of small candy in honor of the spooky holiday. Go all out on your costumes and don’t let age stop you from going door to door. Add those last-minute cobwebs to your front door and start warming up the fog machine. Have a very safe and extremely happy Halloween!

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Friday Features

Halloween is just around the coroner and I can’t wait! The good thing about fall is that October and November blend well into one another so that I can keep my pumpkin spice candles on my desk without feeling out-of-tune with the seasons. This weekend I am going to bake, bake, bake and get the house ready for one of my all-time favorite holidays. The countdown is almost up – enjoy the last few days! In the meantime, these are the things I’ve been watching + craving.

♥ Mochi Ice Cream

♥ Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow – perfect for cuddling up with when watching Halloween movies!

♥ Trailer for In the Land of Blood and Honey – Angelina Jolie wrote and directed this film

♥ Halloween Candy Jars – a great way to serve candy at your Halloween party this weekend!

♥ Inspiration picture: Glitter cake pops

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