Around Town: The Bigg Chill

Last weekend my friend took me to The Bigg Chill, a delicious frozen yogurt place, after a filling dinner in Los Angeles. This place is such a gem, and is pretty hidden, as gems usually are. I like to top off my meals with something sweet, and while I wasn’t in the mood for icy frozen yogurt, this kind of frozen yogurt tasted like soft serve ice cream. I ordered half Ghirardelli and half Vanilla Bean frozen yogurt, which really hit the spot. My friend ordered vegan cookie dough along with his frozen yogurt, which is seriously tasty as a side dessert. The Bigg Chill has been around for twenty years, so maybe you’ve heard of it or have been there yourself, but if you haven’t and are craving incredible frozen yogurt, this is your place!

If you are in the L.A. area, you may also want to check out Urth Caffe!

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Swap This for That

Switch up your morning routine by swapping a stack of pancakes with sugary maple syrup for oatmeal with fresh berries, brown sugar, and cream - it will keep your belly satisfied until lunch!

I know from firsthand experience just how hard it is to resist snacking, especially when school is in session. Instead of eliminating junk food entirely out of your diet, try to cut back and treat yourself to something every now and then. If you cut out the food you crave completely, you’ll end up gorging on cookies, cake, and bread a few weeks (read: days) later. Try substituting unhealthy foods for something better for your body. Who knows, you might end up liking them more!

Sure, Coca-Cola is perfect with a hamburger and french fries, but try to keep this sugary soda to a minimum. Instead, try Hint Unsweetened Blackberry Essence Water for a fruity refresher.

Cheez-Its are a hot commodity in my dorm room, but once you realize the box is empty after one day after purchase, you might need to rethink your snacking habits. With Stacy's Simply Naked Pita Chips, you can munch guilt-free.

While a Cup of Noodles may seem like a dorm room/apartment staple, it is not a healthy meal or snack. If you want to take the hunger edge off, indulge in Miso Soup instead. These packets are super convenient for late night study sessions/movie nights.

Right now frozen yogurt is all the rage. Skip your nightly ice cream sundae and swap it for a frozen yogurt with berries, bananas, and granola. It will feel lighter in your stomach and it has significantly fewer calories.

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