Eat & Watch: Homemade Baby Ruth Candy Bars & The Goonies


If you’re not feeling trick-or-treating or going out to any Halloween parties this year, spend the night at home watching classic Halloween movies (or horror films, if you’re into that) and making homemade candy. Since Halloween falls on a Saturday, your entire day can be filled with spooky festivities or spending time by the stove stirring caramel and layering sugary sauces to indulge in that evening – I prefer the latter.

I’ve always wanted to try making homemade candy. After watching the 1985 adventure comedy film, The Goonies, I figured this was the perfect time to give homemade candy a go. The Baby Ruth candy bar makes an appearance in one of the scenes that involves Chunk, one of the young boys in the group of friends. The Goonies is about a group of young friends who find a treasure map and attempt to find the treasure where “X” marks spot. A group of criminals, the Fratellis, is also after the pirate treasure, creating a challenge for the group of friends along the way.

BR 1

BR 3

The scene that involves the Baby Ruth candy bar is when Chunk is captured by the Fratellis and tied up to a chair in the basement next to Sloth, the deformed brother of the Fratelli sons. Chunk befriends Sloth by offering him a Baby Ruth, and together they break free and escape the basement. Though there is a variety of food in the movie (mainly because Chunk likes to eat), the Baby Ruth stands out because it is how Chunk and Sloth become friends, which ultimately saves their lives.

BR 2

In my attempt to make a homemade Baby Ruth, I set aside a good three to four hours. Candy takes time to make, so start it when you have plenty of time to do things right. Many recipes will say to use a candy thermometer, but I share David Lebovitz’s belief that “there’s nothing like your senses to tell you when food is prepared to your liking.” When the caramel becomes the color of an old copper penny you’ll know it’s ready. The mixture will get frothy and thick, so when you see those things you’ll know you’re doing something right.



Baby Ruths consist of nougat, caramel, peanuts, and chocolate – this is my take on the beloved candy bar:

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Flavor of the Month: Butterscotch

butterscotch fom

1. Cookie Butter Butterscotch Fudge |2.  Boozy Banana Butterscotch Ice Cream | 3. Butterscotch Eclairs |4. White Butterscotch Buddies | 5. Butterscotch Sundaes with Caramel Popcorn

Made primarily of butter and brown sugar, Butterscotch can be used for a variety of treats. The butterscotch eclairs with a plaid design are super creative and would be fantastic as a party snack. Similar to toffee with a honey color, butterscotch can be devoured as a syrup or a hard candy. October is the perfect time to whip up some butterscotch desserts and candies since it’s the designated candy month (okay, maybe that’s every month). But, you won’t go wrong with making butterscotch goodies for trick-or-treaters this coming Halloween.  Make your autumn even more special with this sweet flavor, and since it’s  simple to make as a syrup, you can pair it with pretty much anything. Nothing wrong with a little butterscotch on butterscotch!

That’s a Wrap!

Coffee and Chocolate ice cream at Ben and Jerrys Factory

So sorry I’ve been MIA this past week! The posts might be scattered in the next couple of weeks, but I’m not going anywhere. The countdown begins for Halloween. I have not even though for a second about my costume. Clearly I need to get on this. Task #1 for the weekend. How old is too old to trick-or-treat, by the way? Luckily there’s still time to figure out something creative and clever, but for now let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are set to host the Golden Globes for the next 2 years. How great!

* My friend and his band, Dizzy Bats, released their EP called ‘Appendectomy’ this week! So exciting! Instead of your $4 latte this morning, spend those dollars on this album for a pick-me-up for your ears.

* Took a tour of the Ben and Jerry’s Factory – I can’t get enough of their ice cream [photo above].

* Woody Allen’s next movie is called ‘Magic in the Moonlight.’ I can’t express how much I love this.

* A real astronaut’s perspective of the movie, ‘Gravity.’

* Sweet late night snacks by the bonfire.

* If you are looking for a classic to watch this weekend, I HIGHLY recommend Barefoot in the Park. You’ll fall in love and never stop laughing.

Have a fantastic weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}

That’s a Wrap!


I’ve given up on trying to see a movie in theaters and have resorted back to Netflix and iTunes. It’s throwing me off, but one of these days I will make time! Things I still need to do: pick a pumpkin, try a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and bake cinnamon spice cookies. A lot of spice and pumpkins in this to-do list, but it is fall after all. I don’t usually watch shows live these days, but I did watch the Glee tribute episode. Sadness all around. On a happier note, let’s wrap-up the week with a recap…

* I need to plan a Halloween dinner party just so I can use these awesome decorations [photo above].

* Love these Coast to Coaster Set. Which coast are you?

* As much as I didn’t want to, I watched a few clips of Miley Cyrus hosting SNL. The Old Miley Meets the New Miley skit was the best by far.

* If Cher from Clueless had Instagram.

* How to design a movie superhero’s costume.

* Darby Stanchfield about all things Scandal.

* This was so necessary this week.

Have a lovely weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}

That’s a Wrap!


I finally saw Blue Jasmine this week, and having seen every single one of his films, I can confidently say that this was one of Woody Allen’s best. The film takes place in San Francisco, first of all. Then there’s Cate Blanchett, who absolutely deserves to be nominated (at least!) for an Oscar for this role. If you’re going to the movie theater this long Labor Day weekend, that’s one movie I totally recommend. For now, let’s wrap-up the week with a recap…

* Hank and Marie watch the VMAs. So perfect.

* Scandal Season 3 promo…October 3 can’t get here soon enough.

* I am officially hooked on Orange is the New Black. If you haven’t yet seen, you know what you should be doing this weekend.

* Woody Allen’s films not only portray strong women, but these strong women have pretty fabulous outfits (hello…Inez in Midnight in Paris)! In Blue Jasmine, Cate Blanchett rocked some serious Chanel and Fendi.

* So glad Roger Federer is still in the U.S. Open – here’s hoping he makes it to the finals!

* Fun facts you might not have known about ’90’s rom-coms.

* Halloween candy is already on the shelves. Part of me feels like it is too soon, but the other part of me has already purchased 2 bags to devour [photo above].

* Fred Astaire dancing.

Have a happy Labor Day weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}

That’s a Wrap!

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! Wrapping up the week with a recap…

·  One of my friends introduced this video to me and I can’t stop watching it.

· These panda bear onigiri are too cute!

· ‘Tis the season for pumpkin bagels [top photo].

· This week’s movies: Rain Man, Mystery Train, Taxi Driver, Witness, and 10 Things I Hate About You (which gets funnier every time).

· Restaurant I can’t wait to try: The Fat Cow.

· Movie I can’t wait to see: Wreck-It Ralph (out today!)

Have an incredible weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}

Happy Halloween!

1. Young Frankenstein (1974) | 2.  It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)
3. Casper (1995) | 4. Beetle Juice (1988) | 5. E.T. (1982) | 6. Hocus Pocus (1993)
7. The Addams Family (1991) | 8. Ghostbusters (1984)

Happy Halloween! If you plan on spending a night in with a big bowl of candy, ciderand caramel apples instead of going trick-or-treating or out to any parties, don’t forget one of these movies to keep you company. I haven’t seen a few of these in a while, but tonight is the perfect time to catch up on these childhood favorites. Young Frankenstein is hilarious, brilliantly casted, and the scene transitions are classic. You can never go wrong with Casper or Hocus Pocus. I remember being so confused about what Beetle Juice was all about when I first saw it, but in all its weirdness, it’s a great Halloween movie.

What is your favorite Halloween movie?