Best Breakfast Nooks

When it comes to breakfast, I love the idea of relaxing in a nook that is comfortable and visually stunning. Why not start (and end) the day in a private corner enjoying good food, conversation, or a book? These are my 10 favorite breakfast nooks…

1. The light in this room is perfect. With the high wooden ceilings, black bordered windows, and open doors out to a patio, I would never ever leave this nook.


2. Another classically clean and airy room, these linen chairs and pillows look great for snuggling up on and enjoying breakfast in the mornings.


3. The striped booth and pillows give this breakfast nook a chic quality. And that candle chandelier – amazing!


4. For a more eclectic morning, this nook is simple and unique.


5. A new spin on the nook – put it against the kitchen island. I like it.


6. A chic, upper-scale diner look. Love it.


7. These bursts of color through the cushions, pillows, and flowers add a great vibe to this room.


8. Gorgeous huge windows and a simply corner seating area make for a lovely morning drinking coffee and reading.


9. More eclectic details here: gallery wall, cool table, unique pillows, and a basket lamp.


10. Stairs leading up to a private nook? This is fantastic. What a beautiful kitchen, too.


Which breakfast nook is your favorite?

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10}

Kitchen Accessories for Autumn

autumn accessories

It’s that glorious time of the year when you can give your kitchen a little makeover and add new accessories to spice things up a bit. You can make more major changes such as a quality Le Creuset pot, or for an inexpensive and stylish change, add a towel with a cute pumpkin print or switch out your plastic measuring cups for these russet ones from Anthropologie. Wreaths will elevate the look of your kitchen in seconds, and this folk art wreath is gorgeous. The Ramen spork is perfect in every way, and I seriously think it’s going to change my noodle game for the better. Any kitchen could easily benefit from a chalkboard with a built-in planter for herbs. Convenient, useful, and beautiful! What accessories are you adding to your kitchen this autumn?

1. Chalkboard Wall Planter

2. Stainless Steel Ramen Spoon/Fork

3. Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast-Iron, Caribbean

4. Russet Measuring Cups

5. Folk Art Wreath

6. Autumn Pumpkins Apron and Dishtowel

That’s a Wrap!


Happy October! Last week was pretty great with all of the fall shows returning, and now we have an entire season to enjoy weekly episodes. I’ve had the biggest sweet tooth this week, and I enjoyed one too many desserts, some of which came from the same bakery as these gorgeous cakes. This weekend I’m really looking forward to connecting with close friends, seeing Gone Girl, and relaxing a bit. For now, though, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* Do you know what’s really in your tea? This is so unsettling.

* Rosamund Pike on the role of a lifetime. Can’t wait to see Gone Girl!

* Love this black and white kitchen! More black and white kitchens here.

* 21 things that influenced Gillian Flynn’s work.

* Comedians in cars getting coffee.

* TV ratings from last week’s premieres.

* Good to know! The best airport food in the world.

* My friend recently did a Breaking Bad tour and went to the show’s locations. I’m inspired.

Have a fun weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}

7 Favorite Kitchen Backsplashes

When it comes to kitchens, the details are the most fun part. One of these details includes backsplashes. When done right, they are practical and beautiful. These are my favorite kitchen blacksplashes:

1. This honeycomb-shaped gray mottled marble backsplash is eye-catching and unusual. I like how it climbs the wall but doesn’t go all the way. This honeycomb pattern blends well with the kitchen, and gives a simple kitchen character.


2. Use chalkboard to make your backsplash even more functional. Write down recipes, ingredients you need from the store, doodles, and inspiring quotes!


3. It is typical for backsplashes to be tile or marble, but I love this idea of having windows as a backsplash. You can look outside while you do cook or do the dishes!


4. Having a backsplash that pops out against dark hard wood floors is such a beautiful idea. These lime green tiles stand out, but not annoyingly so. Such great contrast of light and dark.


5. Backsplashes can maintain a clean and simple look, like this gorgeous off-white color. However, what keeps the look interesting is the design of the tiles. Create stunning shapes in a neutral color to keep your kitchen minimalist and unique.


6. A counter-to-ceiling backsplash, especially in this light blue color, is captivating. The tiles do have different shades of color throughout, giving the kitchen a nice dimension.


7. Go bold or go home! These big colorful tiles are such a great way to make a statement in your kitchen. They also match the floor!


What types of backsplashes do you love most?

That’s a Wrap!

kitchen octopus

The weekend we have all been waiting for has arrived. It is finally here! I think you know what I mean, and if not, let’s get you up to date. First of all, The Fault in Our Stars is out in theaters. I heavily sobbed when I read this book (who didn’t?), so I obviously want to see the movie. However, I don’t like the idea of crying with a bunch of strangers, so I’m debating waiting until the movie has been out for a while to go see it. Or just wait until it’s on iTunes/DVD. I don’t know yet, but I don’t want my TFIOS movie-going experience to be lessened by other people weeping and making sound effects. Secondly, Orange is the New Black is on Netflix finally. Again with the decisions, I’m still not sure if I will binge watch the entire season, or slowly set a one-per-day rule. And then, of course, the Tony Awards are on Sunday. Lots of things to enjoy! This is a good weekend for movies and shows. Maybe I’ll even make some of these cookies to eat as I watch. For now, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* Loving my new kitchen friend (above), but walking into my kitchen and thinking there was a tarantula on my wall has happened more than once. Yikes.

* I am honored and thrilled to have been interviewed by Flavorful World Blog. You can read my interview here.

* Today is National Doughnut Day! Go enjoy some fonuts.

* How Jon Hamm soothed a pregnant Amy Poehler. Hilarious.

* A great piece about John Green in The New Yorker.

* Interesting piece about the history of the disposable coffee cup.

* Classic and glamorous photos from Cannes.

* How fabulous does Cate Blanchett look the morning after winning her Best Actress Oscar?

* Love this San Francisco tiny fortune cookie factory.

* For cozy afternoons and evenings, make a super cheesy grilled cheese sandwich.

* These waffles on a Saturday morning. Yes, please.

{Photo by Lauren}

That’s a Wrap!

muffin and reading


This has been one jam-packed week in terms of movies. My favorites that I watched this week were Charade (1963) and Love Story (1970). Love Story was absolutely heartbreaking, and it’s such a smart, well-done movie. I love Jenny’s confidence and sass. If you haven’t yet seen it, I highly recommend it for the weekend. It’s currently on Netflix Instant, score! While I watched mostly classics this past week, I’m hoping to catch up on a few of the more recent releases. I’m still working on building up my endurance for The Wolf of Wall Street. I finally got back into the kitchen this week (to make this), and it felt amazing. Now, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* Catching up on reading in the morning with a perfect poppy-seed muffin (photo above).

* It feels like summer with a big bowl of red cherries (2nd photo).

* Mindy Kaling’s Harvard Law School commencement speech.

* The Secret Life of Walter Mitty & LIFE covers.

* How Katz Deli makes their pastrami sandwiches.

* Amy Poehler’s Yes Please memoir book cover. Yes!

* I love a great infographic, especially when it is food-related.

* Pouring yourself too much wine? Here’s why.

* Life lessons from Starbucks’ Howard Schultz.

* The New York Times recipe collection.

* The best surfaces for kitchen countertops.

*What an adorable DIY Donut Rug.

* Just another reason why Drew Barrymore is awesome.

Have a wonderful weekend!

{Photos by Lauren}

Currently Craving: Kitchen Accessories

fun kitchen accessories

1. Egg Rug – $60.00 / 2. Banana Salt and Pepper Shakers – $47.00 / 3. Eiffel Tower Grater – $15.00 / 4. Nimbus Cloud Serving Board – $110.00 / 5. Water Carafe – $70.00

When I see fun kitchen accessories like these, I can’t help but dream up all the different ways I would use them. While they may not be necessary, if they’re clever and functional, then they can be great additions to any kitchen. The cloud serving board might be my favorite since I love the rain so much. The egg rug is a close second, though. Making eggs while standing on an egg…I like the idea of that. But then again, I’m pretty fond of the water/juice carafe looking like a science beaker. Now you see why I’m craving all five. Which of these kitchen accessories is your favorite?