That’s a Wrap!

levain bakery

I tried my first-ever Levain Bakery cookie this week, and it lived up to the hype. It was chewy and had a brownie-cookie quality. As you can see, the cookie was so heavy that I had to use all of my fingers to hold it up. Birdman comes out today, and with an amazing cast and interesting story-line, I’m excited to see it. There are long choreographed scenes in the movie, which I am such a fan of. I love when movies do long takes that feel like you’re actually watching a play, and for the plot of this film (about a washed-up actor who once played an iconic superhero who must overcome his ego and family trouble as he stars in a Broadway play in a bid to reclaim his past glory), that makes total sense. And now, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* Starting a business with a sibling? I share my tips on The Huffington Post.

* 10 rare Hollywood props.

* I kind of really like this collaboration.

* Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola reunite.

* Crumbs 2.0.

* The perfect butter tray.

* How Keli Lee made television more diverse. Still not diverse enough, but glad to see that changes are being made.

* Pizza from around the world.

* The most incredible houses from movies.

Have a wonderful weekend!

{Photo by Lauren}


Movie Soundtracks To Cook To: Oscar-Winning Movie Songs – Part I

Oscar Winning Inspired

When I cook, I like to have music playing softly in the background. Depending on the dish (and my mood), the music will vary each time. In this series, Movie Soundtracks To Cook To, I will share with you the movies that inspire my cooking playlists. Movies are filled with great music, and I like to mix up my playlists with songs that are both lyrical and instrumental/orchestral. Movie soundtracks are the next best thing to the motion pictures themselves, but when you’re cooking or baking, having a movie going in the background could be a bit distracting and potentially dangerous (unless you have amazing knife skills)!

My second playlist is of Oscar-winning songs from movies, and all of these songs would be great musical companions to classic dishes that stand the test of time. Happy cooking and listening!

1. Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)

2. Days of Wine and Roses

3. High Hopes

4. Over the Rainbow

5. Falling Slowly

6. My Heart Will Go On

7. When You Wish Upon a Star

8. Moon River

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Holiday Movie Soundtrack Favorites

holiday playlist

As promised, here is my ‘Holiday Movie Soundtrack Favorites’ playlist! These are all songs from some of my favorite holiday movies, and every time I hear them I am brought back to a particular scene or moment. These are also the movies I will be watching this winter – one every night in an eager countdown to Christmas. There are a lot of amazing holiday songs available, but these are the ones that are getting the most repeats as of late.

A Dash of Cinema’s Holiday Movie Soundtrack Favorites:

1. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee {The Holiday}
2. This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) – Natalie Cole {While You Were Sleeping}
3. Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt {Mixed Nuts}
4. Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Zooey Deschanel {Elf}
5. Sleigh Ride – Ella Fitzgerald {Elf}
6. White Christmas – Otis Redding {Love Actually}
7. Silver Bells – Kate Smith {The Polar Express}
8. Christmas All Over Again – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers {Four Christmases}
9. Right Back Where We Started From – Maxine Nightingale {The Family Stone}
10. A Kiss to Build a Dream On – Louis Armstrong {Sleepless in Seattle}
11. A Wink and A Smile – Harry Connick, Jr. {Sleepless in Seattle}

What songs are you listening to this holiday season?

For another playlist, check out the ‘Fall Movie Soundtrack Favorites!’


Artist to Know: PES


Everyday we are exposed to multimedia in the forms of T.V. shows, movies, YouTube, pictures, and music, just to name a few. While there are many talented creators, it takes a special something for someone to stand out. I recently found out about the artist PES, but have been obsessed with his work ever since. PES is the name the artist, born Adam Pesapane, goes by. PES is a director and animator of short films and commercials, using stop-motion to create compelling stories that make you think about things in a different way. For example, in the top video, Western Spaghetti, PES uses everyday objects to make a spaghetti dish. The concept is unique and his short films are fun to watch because it is clear how much time and effort went into making them, and they are extremely well done.


That’s a Wrap!

movie: New York Stories / {snack & snapshot & food city photos by a dash of cinema}

Earlier this week I spent a bit of time in the fabulous city of New Orleans. I had never been there before but was blown away by how welcoming and charming the city is. I ate incredible food, experienced serious thunderstorms, and absorbed the culture of the town. There are some pretty great restaurants in New Orleans (one of which I will share with you next week!) and it is safe to say that I gained a couple of pounds just from the beignets I ate daily. Yes, daily. They were covered in powdered sugar – see “snack” above.

During my time in New Orleans, I heard a street band playing in the middle of the road (see “snapshot” above) and quickly became addicted to their music. I bought their CD (titled: Shine – I am having trouble finding them anywhere on the Internet…) and while I usually just walk by and appreciate what musicians are singing, I actually stopped to listen for a good ten minutes with this band. A truly talented group with unique voices – I would categorize their music as folk, for lack of a better genre. Now that the week is wrapping up, all I want to do is curl up with one of my new books and listen to Shine playing in the background. Here’s to a great weekend!

Cafe Inspiration

While restaurants are a great place to take your time and enjoy food and conversation, cafes are a great place to dine (pay) then dash. I frequent cafes when I need to study, write, or read, as the environment provides productive and conversational background noise that doesn’t cause too much of a distraction. Cafes are also a great place to people watch because there are so many customers coming in and out all the time. Whether it is a European cafe or the Starbucks down the street, cafes remain one of my top places for a soothing atmosphere and ambiance. It also helps if there is good hot chocolate, iced coffee, and pastries. Where is your soothing atmosphere?


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