That’s a Wrap!


For the most part, the temperature has significantly cooled. Last weekend, however, was so warm that it warranted indulging in a strawberry sorbet popsicle from Popbar. I am eager for the holidays, which in my mind officially begins on Halloween. From then on it’s a whirlwind of excitement, holiday lights, hot chocolate, and festive activities. Oh, and there’s also this. It’s not a truly fulfilled holiday season unless Bill Murray’s in it. Until then, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

RUN THE SHOW: Hollywood’s top showrunners.

MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING: Is being turned into a TV comedy series.

CAT CORA: And how she overcame sexism in the kitchen.

LOBSTER LOVE: Behind Maine’s mysterious lobster bonanza.

MAKEOVER: Written recipes get a new look.

SELF-PUBLISHING: Why Hollywood keeps turning to it.

SMARTIES: The retro candy is thriving.

POTAYTO, POTAHTO: How to make potatoes.

SUCCESS: How to succeed in Shondaland.

Have an enjoyable weekend!

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That’s a Wrap!

German Bratwurst nyc street fair

This was a great food week, to say the least. From apple picking in the Hudson Valley to German Bratwursts at a street fair to a late night Italian street festival, there certainly hasn’t been a shortage of delicious food in the past seven days. The Emmy Awards are this weekend, so that’ll be the major event for Sunday (and of course, the Seahawks game!). We’re slowly making our way toward Awards Season.  Until then, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

MOVIE THEATER PRETZELS: These beloved theater snacks might become a thing of the past.

WHAT DO YOU HEAR?: The art of sound in movies. The sound of rain is actually bacon frying.

BIO-PICS: The difficulty of making movies about geniuses.

READ OR WATCH: 10 books that are nothing like their film adaptations.

OH! THE HORROR: Horror films are the best deal in Hollywood.

FALL BUCKET LIST: Recipes to make this season.

RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Jamaica Jerk Chicken.

Have a lovely weekend!

Image by Lauren Jessen

That’s a Wrap!

pink door

clam linguine

The best way to celebrate the last few days of summer is on the rooftop of an Italian restaurant drinking autumn cocktails, indulging in soft bread, and eating every last bite of clam linguine. The rain has arrived, which only means one thing: time to bundle up and watch more movies. Okay, it also means to drink more hot apple cider and hot cocoa. And to not feel guilty spending hours binge-watching TV shows…right? I guess it’s all about moderation. Including moderation. Hope you all had a first few great days of autumn, and now let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* 21 food superstitions.

* How The Shawshank Redemption became a beloved film.

* If I were to write my senior film thesis all over again, I would definitely consider writing about the Coen brothers.

* Quvenzhane Wallis’s Secrets: work hard, play hard.

* This breakfast hash looks delicious.

* Amazing Ho Hey cover from the show Nashville by Lennon and Maisy – they’re adorable sisters in real life.

* New Yorkers, go get your apple-cider doughnuts while they’re hot!

* Love this! The secret histories of famous Hollywood costumes.

* These Rosh Hashanah recipes look unbelievably good.

Have a restful weekend!

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Chai Spiced Carrot Cupcakes


I am a huge fan of all things cinnamon. When I made these cinnamon spice cupcakes a while back, I devoured them. So naturally, when I saw the recipe for these Chai Spiced Carrot Cupcakes, I couldn’t resist. They also seemed like a good way to get my daily serving of vegetables – these carrots count, right? Oh well, I tried.

These cupcakes are a great treat to bring to any Easter parties you might be attending this weekend. The recipe doesn’t take too long to follow. I found that the hardest part was grating the carrots, since it is a bit more physically demanding. Or I’m just weak. Either way, the recipe itself is manageable and  you’ll end up with a very tasty cupcake.

P.S. A fan of carrot cake? This was the best.


grating carrots





{Photos by Lauren}

Soup-er Bowl Sunday & Homemade Chili


As a huge Seahawks fan (and a Seattlite), yesterday’s Super Bowl win was awesome, to say the least. The game was a blowout, and the Seahawks were working together better than they ever have before. It was a hard-earned and well-deserved win. To prepare for the game, I figured what better than Soup-er Bowls with homemade chili. I loosely followed this recipe while taking some liberties and changing a couple of ingredients. I took out the habanero chile and the amber beer, used fresh tomatoes instead of canned tomatoes, and used a sweet yellow onion instead of a white onion. What resulted was a delicious chili that will leave you full and satisfied, and there will be plenty of leftovers for the week – a great reminder of a fantastic Sunday.



soup bowls



{Photos by Lauren}

That’s a Wrap!

Giada Book Signing at Williams Sonoma

I know I’ve been super MIA. I wish I could say it was because I’ve been holed up in the kitchen baking and cooking or locked away in the movie theater catching up on all of the great movies coming out. Unfortunately, neither of those are true. Hopefully this will change soon because I’ve been away from the movie theater for far too long. This week was hectic, but I managed to make it to Giada De Laurentiis’s book signing for her new cookbook, Feel Good Food. It’s been awhile, but let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* The Mindy Project‘s Costume Designer spills his secrets.

* An excerpt from B.J. Novak’s first short story collection, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories.

* Movie scenes that will make you hungry.

* Lena Dunham interviews Mindy Kaling.

* The Loveumentary. Love this.

* Looking forward to trying some of Giada’s recipes from her new cookbook!

* This drink looks like the perfect way to wrap up a week.

Have a great weekend!

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Red, White, Blue


How can you celebrate the 4th of July without some red, white, and blue treats? Whether you are preparing for a family or friend party, a low-key BBQ, a picnic in the park, or just plan on enjoying some snacks while watching the fireworks, these three red, white, and blue recipes couldn’t be better for one of the most patriotic days of the year. Click on the pictures for the recipe link, and have a happy 4th!



{Photos by Lauren}