So Magical It Could Be In A Movie

When I walk or drive by an interesting or beautiful location, I think of all the different types of movie scenes that could surround that one place. Do you remember certain movie scenes in which the location perfectly captured the moment? For me, a couple of those include the scene in The Notebook when Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are dancing in the empty street at night to the imaginary soundtrack of Billy Holiday (see a) or the quaint English cottage from The Holiday (see b). Here are some scenes of winter wonderlands that I think would be perfect locations for the big screen.



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Date Night

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Planning a date night? While going out to dinner and a movie can be fun, cooking a meal together and watching a movie on the couch can be an even cozier way to spend the evening. Try this recipe for a warm dinner, following it up with an easy dessert you can both make. These are an assortment of movies that are funny, sensitive, and full of romance!

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Let’s Go to the Carnival!

Being within an hour’s commute to the Santa Monica Pier makes it a constant struggle not to hop on the nearest Metrolink so I can ride the ferris wheel all day long and stuff my face with popcorn. To me, carnivals have always had a whimsical allure, whether it is because they are a magical place for a first date, a fun bonding experience with your sister, or just to stand in the center of it all soaking up the colorful lights and sounds like a sponge. Carnivals are an enormous playground for children and adults alike. They are also a goldmine for junk food and sweets, and sometimes you just have to indulge in ice cream, cotton candy, and a hot dog, in that order and all at one time!

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Chemistry Beyond the Science Lab

Something that can make or break a movie is the main characters’ chemistry. It is pretty obvious whether or not the actors have a special connection, and it has an effect with the viewers. It is awkward watching a film where the leads who are supposed to fall in love look like they don’t even want to be near each other. A couple without chemistry weakens the storyline. Rachel McAdams reportedly beat out 9 other actresses – can you imagine The Notebook with someone else playing Allie? Or a different Big from Sex and the City? Auditions, screen tests, and chemistry tests are important for a film’s success because hiring the wrong actor or actress can truly change the feel of a film. While there are plenty of movies where the chemistry is lacking, I wanted to focus on the movies with characters who do have a flirty vibe.

These are my Top 10 Best Movie Couples, and are in no particular order. Who are your favorite movie couples?

Sex and the City

10 Things I Hate About You

The Notebook

You've Got Mail

Brokeback Mountain

No Strings Attached

Dirty Dancing

Love and Other Drugs

The Sound of Music

Going the Distance

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