Eat & Watch: Architect Birthday Cake & Three Men and a Baby

3 Men and a Baby Birthday Architect Cake

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Ever since I personalized my Netflix account, the movie suggestions have been on point. One of these suggestions was Three Men and a Baby, a classic and one of the movies I used to watch when I was younger (though at the time I definitely didn’t get the drug storyline). At Peter’s birthday party, he was presented with this amazing cake, which was appropriate for him since he is an architect. I thought this themed birthday cake was such a fun idea, and it would not only be a great cake for the architect in your life, but it would be the perfect thing to eat while watching this movie. Hang Batman from this crane, and then put them on top of this double layer chocolate cake. Don’t forget extra long candles to place near the base of the crane!

Image via Three Men and a Baby


Growing Up: You’ve Got a Friend in Me

As soon as you hear the words, “You’ve got a friend in me,” what do you think of? Your best friend? A childhood memory? Or Toy Story? For me, it’s the option c. Toy Story was a memorable movie from my childhood, so when Toy Story 3 was released I was unsure about whether I should watch. I didn’t want to ruin what the original Toy Story meant to me.

Although it came out a while ago, I watched the movie last week and absolutely loved it. I found it to be funnier rather than sad, and I loved that the cast was reunited for the voice-overs. And, again, though you may not need reminding, two words: Tom Hanks. The story, animation, and voices were all so consistent with the older movies that it felt like a decade+ hadn’t even gone by.

The story of growing up was something that everyone can (and will) relate to, whether you leave for college, part with a friend or toy, or make decisions that show how much you have grown and matured. How one handles a difficult situation says a lot about that person. The way we would have acted when we were younger is different from the way we would handle a situation now. As we grow we learn more about ourselves, our friends, and the way the world works.

In addition to growing up, Toy Story speaks volumes about friendship. There are choices we have to make in life that will test our morals, our beliefs, and our strength. When we stick with our friends and have their backs, they will have ours, so when we make decisions we know that there is someone to support us.

Toy Story includes a wide variety of toys that brings back childhood memories. One toy in particular that I adore is Totoro. When I saw Totoro included in a scene and animated in a more realistic way, I was beyond excited. I grew up watching Totoro cartoons, and loved that he wasn’t left out of this adventure. Toy Story is an incredibly fun movie. It pushes the limits of the imagination and is brings viewers into the playful world of toys. And let’s be real, wouldn’t it be awesome if our toys really did come to life behind our backs?

Toy Story 3: For people who want to be reminded of their childhood

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