That’s a Wrap!


For the most part, the temperature has significantly cooled. Last weekend, however, was so warm that it warranted indulging in a strawberry sorbet popsicle from Popbar. I am eager for the holidays, which in my mind officially begins on Halloween. From then on it’s a whirlwind of excitement, holiday lights, hot chocolate, and festive activities. Oh, and there’s also this. It’s not a truly fulfilled holiday season unless Bill Murray’s in it. Until then, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

RUN THE SHOW: Hollywood’s top showrunners.

MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING: Is being turned into a TV comedy series.

CAT CORA: And how she overcame sexism in the kitchen.

LOBSTER LOVE: Behind Maine’s mysterious lobster bonanza.

MAKEOVER: Written recipes get a new look.

SELF-PUBLISHING: Why Hollywood keeps turning to it.

SMARTIES: The retro candy is thriving.

POTAYTO, POTAHTO: How to make potatoes.

SUCCESS: How to succeed in Shondaland.

Have an enjoyable weekend!

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That’s a Wrap!

tallulahs brunch

Happy Friday! Food and film-wise, this week was pretty great. I mostly went out, or got take-out, to eat, so I’m craving some quality kitchen time. However, I can’t complain, especially when there were potatoes and a huge blueberry pancake involved. That pancake (yes, singular) is literally a cake. It’s that big. This weekend, I’ll be watching a couple of movies from my 100 Films List. Which ones have you seen? For now, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* Elevating dinner for one.

* Meet the young men of UnbrokenCan’t wait for this movie!

Loving Viola Davis in How to Get Away with Murder.

* This is the coolest water bottle ever! So practical for tucking between planners and notebooks.

* Cinnamon Spice Rice Krispie Treat S’mores. That’s a (delicious) mouthful to say.

* 6 movies about the magazine industry and what they’ve taught us.

* Shonda Rhimes is awesome.

* Why do women read more novels than men?

* What a funky kitchen backsplash! Here are some others.

* Great food photography tips!

* Scandal‘s costume designer Lyn Paolo talks about dressing Olivia.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Fall Television Premieres

fall exciting

That time of the season has finally arrived: premiere week! I have been counting down the days, and at last, TV lovers can rejoice. A few shows debuted last week, but I’m still going to include them in this list. There are so many fantastic television shows to watch, but I’m going to (try to) pace myself this season. These are the shows I am most looking forward to…

1. The Mindy Project

2. The Mysteries of Laura

3. The Big Bang Theory

4. Law and Order: SVU

5. Grey’s Anatomy

6. Scandal

7. How to Get Away with Murder

8. Once Upon A Time

9. Revenge 

What are you watching this season?

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That’s a Wrap!

Happy 1st day of summer! How convenient that summer starts on a Friday. Perfect timing for picnicking in the park, a sunset BBQ, and a late night movie. Have you heard of cronuts? I have been hearing about cronuts nonstop, and I think this weekend might finally be the time to try them. But until then, let’s wrap up the week with a recap…

* Macklemore loves pho.

* Famous photos reimagined as ‘selfies’ – hilarious.

* Megan Hilty from Smash will grace the small screen once again.

* Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine trailer has finally arrived (above).

* Great summer party favor idea.

* The evolution of the croissant. Yum.

Enjoy your first weekend of summer!

Where Every Day is Halloween

The Addams family started…in 1938 by a man named Charles Addams. Addams drew the Addams family for The New Yorker, but they were one-panel cartoons. The characters were unnamed and the story of the family didn’t fully develop until the television show began.

The television show ran from 1964 to 1966 and was shot in black and white. Due to the popularity of the television show, animated shows were made as well as feature-films, television movies, and video games. Several movies were produced in the early 90s, keeping the family legacy alive.

In 2010, the Addams family was adapted into a Broadway musical. This talented cast pulls off the grim family with a fun musical comedy that makes you wish it would never end. Currently on Broadway, Brooke Shields stars at Morticia and Roger Rees at Gomez, who took over for Bebe Neuwirth and Nathan Lane.

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