Around Town: The Bigg Chill

Last weekend my friend took me to The Bigg Chill, a delicious frozen yogurt place, after a filling dinner in Los Angeles. This place is such a gem, and is pretty hidden, as gems usually are. I like to top off my meals with something sweet, and while I wasn’t in the mood for icy frozen yogurt, this kind of frozen yogurt tasted like soft serve ice cream. I ordered half Ghirardelli and half Vanilla Bean frozen yogurt, which really hit the spot. My friend ordered vegan cookie dough along with his frozen yogurt, which is seriously tasty as a side dessert. The Bigg Chill has been around for twenty years, so maybe you’ve heard of it or have been there yourself, but if you haven’t and are craving incredible frozen yogurt, this is your place!

If you are in the L.A. area, you may also want to check out Urth Caffe!

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