Friday’s Features

♥ This looks so intense. I’m intrigued.


I read a quote earlier this week by Augusten Burroughs, where he said, “I myself am entirely made out of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.” I love this quote for so many different reasons, the main being because as we all know, no one is perfect, yet most of us have good intentions. We may not do everything flawlessly, but as long as we have a good head on our shoulders, work hard, learn from failure and mistakes, and put our best foot forward, everything will be okay. Have an inspiring and restful weekend!

♥ Hollywood infected your brain you wanted kisses in the rain

♥ These cupcakes aren’t only wrapped gorgeously, but they’re also perfectly topped with juicy blackberries

♥ Social media + Tea

♥ Who do you love?



Friday’s Features

Though this week was short, it was busier than ever. This weekend I’ll be doing a lot of essay writing and catching up on sleep. A lot of people have been MIA in classes because of nasty colds. If you are one of these people, here is my prescription! The things that I have been watching and craving this week are full of color that inspires new recipes. Have a productive yet restful weekend!

♥ Leaves that have turned a pretty shade of autumn – these ones caught my eye during a morning walk

♥ Trailer for In Time

♥ Public art for all to enjoy

♥ Homer eating donuts escalator

♥ Sugar cookies covered with smiley faces and rainbow sprinkles


Working Hard or Hardly Working

When I am swamped with work, sometimes I need a little pick-me-up in the shape and form of a movie. There are many women — both real and fictional — to look up to, but when I compile my quick list of movies with standout stars, this is what I come up with. These are light-hearted movies (and TV show), and 4 of the 5 women are writers/producers/journalists, something I feel I can relate to. The 5th woman (Mandy Moore in Because I Said So) is a food caterer. No matter what their profession, these women gain strength from their mistakes, learn to adapt, and embrace who they are and what they want to become.

Photos courtesy of Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros, HBO