Making a Move and New Newsletter!

Ever since I started A Dash of Cinema, I have blogged on It has been an incredible journey so far. I have watched lots of movies, cooked a variety of food, and have documented these two loves along the way. In my attempt to take this blog to the next level and create more great content for you, I will be switching to a self-hosted platform in the new year.

So what does that mean for you? If you’re on reading my posts, you’ll no longer see them in your dashboard or receive emails about new posts.

BUT, if you want to keep reading A Dash of Cinema, I’d love that! The blog name will stay the same, so the domain won’t be anything different than you’re used to. You can stay in the loop on when the new site is launched by signing up for the *NEW* A Dash of Cinema Newsletter below.

I used to do a series called ‘That’s a Wrap!’ where I linked to cool food and film articles I discovered throughout the week. This Newsletter will be similar, with links to food and film articles, posts you may have missed from the week, and any updates to share.

Thank you so much for reading over the years, and I can’t wait to see you on the new and improved A Dash of Cinema! Until then, have a safe and warm holiday!



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