Flavor of the Month: Lime

Lime FoM

1. Lime Poppy Seed Muffins with Citrus Glaze | 2. Chocolate Lime Cake | 3. Lemon and Lime Tart | 4. Brussel Sprouts with Sriracha Honey and Lime | 5. Zucchini and Coconut Bread with Coconut Rum Lime Glaze

Limes are an interesting fruit because they aren’t necessarily meant to be eaten by itself like an apple or a pear. Like a lemon, lime is zesty and refreshing, and it is an important ingredient in food and drink recipes such as guacamole and margaritas. However, lime is unique because you commonly use it by the teaspoon or tablespoon, yet it provides a subtle kick to the dish you are making. A popular ingredient during the spring and summer, lime is incredibly versatile and can be used in a surprising amount of dishes you wouldn’t normally expect it to work with, like chocolate or zucchini and coconut bread. This month, let’s try incorporating lime into more of our recipes for an unexpected citrus flavor.



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